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Child Rights in Bangladesh

child rights
"Child Rights" is one of the most important topics of today's world. Like Bangladesh many under developed or developing country is fighting for establishing Child Rights. Though there are some famous Child Rights Activist in the world. Actually the situation of child rights in Bangladesh is so pathetic. Because most of the children in this country living under the poverty level. They have no sufficient food for living, no any bed of sleeping, no any education for raising their voice. Physically or mentally all of they are abused by their family. Though  Bangladesh is trying to change the situation hard and soul. Many international organizations like UNICEF, UNDP, ILO or Save the Children is standing beside Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh has taken some  steps to reach their destination. Especially the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and the Ministry of Social  Welfare is establishing some effective project for the most vulnerable children. And we believe, if all the people being conscious; we shall overcome some day...!
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Children’s expectations from the Bangladeshi political leaders

political violence against children
It is true that Bangladesh is going ahead day by day! But the situation of child rights should be more effective in the country. Recently a survey has being made. The survey brought out variety of problems that children expect future politicians to figure on to make sure child rights. It absolutely was seen that children contemplate government, individuals of the community, and political similarly as non secular leaders as key personalities for making certain their rights. Of the whole range of youngsters surveyed, seventy seven per cent believed that political aspirants at native level are attainable actors who will take action to make sure child rights. Another fifty seven per cent known parliamentarians as attainable actors for making certain child rights.

Life of the stone quarry children

stone quarry children
It’s an important question that the environment of Bangladesh is child friendly or not. Because there are so many stone quarry children in this land. Especially there are many small and large stone quarry area in Sylhet district. People of these areas are dependent on the stone related jobs such as stone collection, stone breaking, stone loading and so on. They get a simple wages for whole day working. A man gets taka 100 to taka 200 as wage per day while it is taka 100 for a woman. Most of the family came here from Mymensingh, Netrokona, Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Hobiganj and Sunamganj. They came here earlier than 5 to 25 years. These people are illiterate, superstitious and vastly unconscious about their children’s lives. They wake up from sleep by hearing the sound of stone crashers and Motors (shallow engines) and they sleep at night by hearing the same sound. Like their parents most of the children do the same job. They help their parents to do the job while it is important to going to the school.

How to end child labor in Bangladesh?

child labor in Mirpur, Dhaka
Measures taken:
This is the time to know- How to end child labor in Bangladesh. Because In Bangladesh child labor is a social problem though different laws and regulations have been enhanced with a view of protect children from work. The government of Bangladesh is trying to ending child labor. A memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the government of Bangladesh and ILO, IPEC was signed on October, 11, 1994 and IPEC activities were started in 1995. Till now 97 action programmes have been implemented under IPEC.

Measures to be taken:
Although elimination of child labor is desirable but it’s a difficult task in real term. For successful elimination, coordinated, continuous and steady efforts can be justified. However, phase by phase elimination of child labor may be possible of the following points are considered:

• Identifying child workers
Identifying child workers is crucial for any sort of planning. However it is not easy identify all child workers in the country. So organized sectors should be taken up immediately and efforts should continue from government, NGO’s and social activities.

A girl child is abused every minute in Bangladesh

is it child rights?
When you are at a traffic signal in the city, you can see the kids run to sell different products. Some sell flowers and candy, or carrying piles of books in his thin arms, others windshield clean cars with dirty and require you to pay rags. Many street children are girls. The reality behind the scenes is very sad because activists say that most of these girls have been abused. Every minute a child is being abused in Bangladesh. Activists reported girls face different types of abuse, including sexual abuse. There are no specific safeguards to protect the girls in our society, and activists say the government does not protect them too. The number of street children in Bangladesh is estimated at around 400,000. Nearly half live in the capital and a large part are women and are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. According to a 2012 report Unnayan Onneshan, an independent research center, nearly 19% of street children are forced into prostitution, and many resort to selling in the streets when they get sick.

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