Children’s expectations from the Bangladeshi political leaders

political violence against children
It is true that Bangladesh is going ahead day by day! But the situation of child rights should be more effective in the country. Recently a survey has being made. The survey brought out variety of problems that children expect future politicians to figure on to make sure child rights. It absolutely was seen that children contemplate government, individuals of the community, and political similarly as non secular leaders as key personalities for making certain their rights. Of the whole range of youngsters surveyed, seventy seven per cent believed that political aspirants at native level are attainable actors who will take action to make sure child rights. Another fifty seven per cent known parliamentarians as attainable actors for making certain child rights.

Children’s expectation from political aspirants included:
* A separate ministry for children solely

* A separate management committee for children on national level that may alone work for children and their rights

* Protection of child rights being supervised and increased by the govt.

* ban of children’s participation in political activities

* convenience of inclusive services for kids with disabilities in each variety of service delivery

* making certain children’s rights to quality education

* Inclusion of a special lesson on child rights and protection in academic course of study and national board course of study

* releasing all academic establishments from politics

* correct coaching of academics of primary and secondary level and ban non-public employment categories of the academics

* Special care and services for the children from disaster prone areas

* Free access to any or all diversion parks and playgrounds for children

* Rehabilitation programme for the street-based youngsters and orphans

* Child-friendly spots for diversion in every zilla (district) and upazilla (sub-district)

* required library and laboratory facilities in each school

* A required counselor for children in each college

* A sober society making certain secure and perfect growth of all children of the country

* ban foreign TV channels and programmes that have negative impact on the youngsters and substitution those by cartoon series like Meena and Bangladeshi production

* making certain birth registration for children from rehabilitation camps and children of sex workers

* Stopping child trafficking increase the access to web for the youngsters and facilitate it’s use by completely different infrastructural development within the rural areas

* Suggestion/complain box, maintained by youngsters in premises of each school/academic establishment

* Special facility for the kid health care, free drugs, and treatment forchildren

* a lot of involvement of native leaders in institution of children’s rights

So it is most important to fulfill the demand of the children today! Because almost half of the people of the country is children. So there is no any way to avoid the big issue.

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