STORY OF A SHINING BOY

How started: Bokul is a boy of ten. He lives with his family at North Kalshi slum, Mirpur, Dhaka. He has 5 brothers and 2 sisters. After suffering paralyzing Bokul’s father was dead in March, 2013. His mother is so aged that she was unable to do any job outside of the home. Both his elder brother and sister have got married and they are living separately from them. So Bokul and his family didn’t know what’s happening to their lives. When I saw at him, only the painful thought was coming in my mind that one day this innocent face will be paled because of the impolite reality. And it was the situation of Bokul’s family. Observing this condition Bokul has decided to engage a job though he was only ten years old. His elder brother took him and made a job for Bokul. In the first working day he observed- how to straight iron and how to cut them by a big hammer. He was thinking and thinking- “Can I do the job”? The answer was alive but silent...! In the 2nd working day- he helped to the other workers to cutting iron to building multistory house and office.

back to school
Dream filling Day: One day I went to Bokul and try to make a child friendly relation (Rapport) with him. I observed- how thin but energetic boy is Bokul! He is dreaming- once he’ll overcome. I told him, “How can you overcome without going to school”? He ashamed and replied, “We don’t have money for going to school”. I thought- this is the appropriate time to take Bokul to me. I offered him- “Will you go to school”? He answered in a single word, “Yes, I’ll go to school”. Then I talked to Bokul’s family and gave some motivation to all of them.

innocent smiling
Schooling: After then, I brought Bokul to ‘Khalilur Rahman Govt.Primary School’ beside North Kalshi slum to admit him. A teacher of the school asked some questions to Bokul. I surprised to saw, how brilliantly Bokul answered to the teacher’s questions. Then the teacher entries Bokul’s name to the school register and Bokul became a student of class two. After admitting he got a set of text books from the school. Getting text books, his face was smiling like the sun is shining. It seemed to me, Bokul is the happiest man of the world. Now Bokul go to school regularly and he study attentively. Because, he wants to be a great teacher in near future.

Now Bokul is a beneficiary of "Enabling Environment For Child Rights" (EECR) project of UNICEF. Like Bokul, many underprivileged children getting financial support from this project which is implementing by the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA), Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is one of the biggest project of Government for the root people. Because "Child Protection"
is a great issue of Bangladesh and the situation of Child Rights in Bangladesh should be changed. Because near about 50% people of this country is children. And the Government is commuted to ensure child rights in our society. However more than one ministry like Ministry of Social Welfare  is contributing in this sector continuously. But it is true first of all we have to be more conscious about our beloved children. Because the first priority is our family. If a family become conscious, problem will reduce 50%.

About me

I am a person who is positive in every step of life. At present I am a social worker and spending a large number of my time to take caring of more than 300 underprivileged children...!!!


"One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world."
Malala, a child rights activist
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