A girl child is abused every minute in Bangladesh

is it child rights?
When you are at a traffic signal in the city, you can see the kids run to sell different products. Some sell flowers and candy, or carrying piles of books in his thin arms, others windshield clean cars with dirty and require you to pay rags. Many street children are girls. The reality behind the scenes is very sad because activists say that most of these girls have been abused. Every minute a child is being abused in Bangladesh. Activists reported girls face different types of abuse, including sexual abuse. There are no specific safeguards to protect the girls in our society, and activists say the government does not protect them too. The number of street children in Bangladesh is estimated at around 400,000. Nearly half live in the capital and a large part are women and are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. According to a 2012 report Unnayan Onneshan, an independent research center, nearly 19% of street children are forced into prostitution, and many resort to selling in the streets when they get sick.

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